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Flash Reader

Download:  FlashReader-v1.1.zip updated 2011 aug. 8

Making it work

There are 3 components to this. First, the board itself needs to be assembled and the target flash chip soldered on it. Second, the ATmega on the RBBB board needs to be programmed with the sketch (in the zip file above). Third, the client python script can be used to erase, program, or read information from the flash chip. That's it!

Parts list
QuantityPackageDescriptionDigikey PN
116-SSOP74HC(T)597 8bit shift register input568-2894-5-ND
416-SSOP74HC(T)595 8bit shift register output568-2720-5-ND
206030.1uF Caps399-1095-1-ND
10603LED green160-1435-1-ND
10603LED red160-1436-1-ND
206031K ResistanceP1.0KGCT-ND

Electrical connections

Board layout: Top, bottom and both combined.

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