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Author: EiNSTeiN_  EiNSTeiN@g3nius.org
Created: Sometime in the past

What is this about ?

So, you are interested in lockpicking? You want to learn but you don't know where to begin? And you want to make yourself a set of lockpicking tools, because you find professional ones too expensive, and unsuited for your needs? You are reading the right page. The articles below describe the experiments I made, with pictures.

The first paper explain how I made a set of nice lockpicking tools out of cheap screwdrivers and allen keys. The second paper explains how to modify a normal key sold with a specific type of lock to make a universal key with it. The third paper explains how to open some very small locks, like the one on your little sister's diary. The fourth and last one explains how to craft a key for another type of small locks, given that you have the original key, or an imprint of it.

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MIT Guide to Lock Picking, Ted the Tool, September 1, 1991 508.86 KB
Cryptology and Physical Security: Rights Amplification in Master-Keyed Mechanical Locks, Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs, September 15, 2002 3.85 MB
Original link to both files: Shanshank's etc log

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