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StatisticsViewer Classes

Author: EiNSTeiN_  EiNSTeiN@g3nius.org
Created: Nov. 2007

What does this control do?

It's a set of classes that allow you to draw a strip-band graphic on any surface. It has the ability to display multiple sets of data at the same time (for example, for multiple years) and configure each of them separately. It has the ability to dipslay a legend to describe each set of bands. It also offers the possibility to configure the color, or even hide, every graphical element (the text, the bands, the axes, ...).

An example of how to configure the graphic is included in the zip file below. The example also include a button to save the graphic as a bitmap image.

Download it now!

StatisticsViewer-0.1-src.zip 23.72 KB

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How to use it?

In the zip archive linked above, you will find many classes and a form. You can add the classes and the form to a new project to test it.

Here are some images

This is what the sample form in the zip above looks like:

	Click to enlarge (new window)

And here's a sample of graphic you can produce by clicking the "Save Image" button:

	Click to enlarge (new window)

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