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Database Table Control

Author: EiNSTeiN_  EiNSTeiN@g3nius.org
Created: Nov. 2007

What does this control do?

This user control allows you to create a sizable and movable panel in which you can pack many label-like items. It has been designed to display the columns of a table in a database. It has a vertical scroll bar in the case the control has more items than what can be displayed, and it can also display a small icon on its title bar that show a context menu when clicked on.

Download it now!

ctrlDatabaseTable-0.1-src.zip 6.15 KB

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How to use it?

In the zip archive linked above, you will find the source code for the control. You can add it to any project and then instanciate a ctrlDatabaseTable object. The code below show how to create an instance and pack an item in it.

	Dim dt As New ctrlDatabaseTable()
	dt.Title = "Table 1"

	dt.Add(New ctrlDatabaseTable.Item("Column 1"))

And here's the result:


This is another sample, showing:

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